Master of Business Studies(MBS)

Master of Business Studies (MBS) is a two year four semester program run by Ojashwi College under the affiliation of Tribhuvan University. This is one of the most sought degrees in Nepal and every year large number of students gets enrolled in this program. This course prepares students for careers in business management and leadership in both the private and public sectors. It provides the students with a solid, comprehensive foundation in the fundamentals of business, the global environment in which they will function, the analytical tools for intelligent decision-making opportunity to gain further functional expertise through specialization courses. The MBS program at Ojashwi College is based on the student-centered learning approach. The general teaching methodology of the program includes interactive lectures, students’ presentations, case studies, and projects. The teaching faculty determines the appropriate teaching-learning methods suitable for each course.
Admission Eligibility
The students applying for admission to MBS course at Ojashwi College must have successfully completed the BBS programme or a bachelor degree on any discipline from Tribhuvan University or from any other university recognized by Tribhuvan University.
This program demands a very high level of commitment from students. Students are required to attend regularly all classes and presentations as required by the course. Students failing to attend 80 % of classes shall not be allowed to appear in the semester-end examinations.
Internal Evaluations
The TU Faculty of Management (FOM) shall have the final authority in conducting, evaluating and awarding grades in semester-end examinations. The performance of students will be evaluated through ongoing in-semester evaluations (internal evaluation conducted by Ojashwi College) and semester-end examinations (Board Exam). TU Faculty of Management (FOM) has assigned 40 marks to campus as internal evaluation and 60 marks will be carried out by FOM as board exam. The college conducts ongoing internal evaluation as two terminal exams and several ongoing continuous tests for 100 marks which will be converted to 40 marks for final evaluation.

Internal Evaluation: 40 Marks
Evaluation Activities Weight in %
Terminal Examination : Mid Term Exam Pre-Board Exam 40
Class-room activities(Class presentations, case analysis, group works etc) 20
Project Assignments 30
Class Attendance 10
Total 100%

First Year First Semester

S.N. Course code Course Title Credit Hours
1 MKT 511 Marketing Management 3
2 ECO 512 Managerial Economics 3
3 MSC 514 Statistical Methods 3
4 MGT 515 Organizational Behavior 3
5 MGT 519 Managerial Communication 3

Second Year First Semester

S.N. Course code Course Title Credit Hours
1 ACC 519 Accounting for Financial and Managerial Decision and Control 3
2 MSC 521 Research Methodology 3
3 MGT 522  International Business 3
4 MGT 523 Strategic Management 3
5 MGT 524 Entrepreneurship 3

Marketing(Choose Three Subjects Only)

S.N. Course code Course Title Credit Hours
1 MKT 657 Consumer Behavior 3
2 MKT 658 International Marketing 3
3 MKT 659 Brand Management 3
4 MKT 660 Sales Management 3
5 MKT 661 Retail Management 3
6 MKT 663 Services Marketing 3

First Year Second Semester

S.N. Course code Course Title Credit Hours
1 FIN 510 Financial Management 3
2 MGT 513 Human Resource Management 3
3 MSC 516 Production and Operations Management 3
4 ACC 517 Management Accountancy 3
5 MGT 518 Business Environment 3


Finance(Choose Three Subjects Only)

S.N. Course code Course Title Credit Hours
1 FIN 650 Asset Management 3
2 FIN 651 Capital Structure Management 3
3 FIN 652 Working Capital Management 3
4 FIN 653 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management 3
5 FIN 654 Financial Markets and Institutions 3
6 FIN 655 International Financial Management 3
7 FIN 656 Financial Derivatives and Market 3

Accountancy(Choose Three Subjects Only)

S.N. Course code Course Title Credit Hours
1 ACC 672 Corporate Taxation 3
2 ACC 673 Cost Management 3
3 Acc 674 Contemporary Auditing 3
4 ACC 676 Reporting Accounting Theory and Financial 3
5 ACC 677 Management Control System 3